GIS consultants

GIS technical assistance, GIS projects monitoring and evaluation


Spatial analysis

Land occupation spatial databases, land and risk management


Mapping services

Catographic atlas and map production


Specific developments

Come up with an idea and leave with a customized project !


GIS training

ArcGIS, Mapinfo, QGIS, FME, PostGIS,
Google Maps, DynMap, OpenLayers, Mapserver, Geoserver



2D3D.GIS is a consulting firm in Geographical Information Systems (GIS), Geomatics and Spatial Analysis. Our GIS consultants and GIS trainers are involved in the world where more than half of our business is conducted annually.

Our missions are GIS projects monitoring and evaluation, the establishment / development of dedicated GIS tools, GIS services, integration of databases and GIS training.

Our goal is to assist you throughout your GIS project. We take our technology choices based on the needs of each client. Our position is simple, addressing every need without preconceptions or ambiguities and try to bring you the best technological answer playing on the interoperability of hardware and software solutions.

Don't hesitate to contact us for futher informations concerning our capabilities

Fabrice LARTIGOU, Managing Director

Why 2D3D.GIS ?

  • Independant firm
  • + 15 years of experience at international level
  • Over 120 GIS projects performed in Europe, Africa, Caribe, Asia and Oceania
  • Missions in sensitive countries
  • Mastery of key proprietary technologies and opensource market
  • Setup GIS and webGIS project
  • Development of geo-mobile application
  • More than 1.400 GIS trainees in both French and English languages

Our last GIS projects ...

AFRICA : global land policy (GPRLP)

Global Project Responsible Land Policy (GPRLP) Programme. Optimization of work processes and implementation of a geospatial data information system / monitoring and evaluation (dashboard) in a trilateral project (Madagascar, Ouganda, Benin)

Burkina Faso : Green Sector

The consortium 2D3D.GIS / TSI / CIRIL Group division Business Geografic setup of an integrated Geographical Information System for the green sector (SIG-SR) for 6 ministries of Burkina Faso (MAAH, MEA, MEEVCC, MRAH) : institutional web portal, NSDI, webgis, open data geocatalog.

FRANCE : Risks and Insurrance

Redesign and adaptation of a business app in web mode allowing the main public / state insurrance company subscribers to identify risks (inductrial, natural, household...) on a statistical dashboard (including external indicator scoring) and linked a dynamic web map.

CAMEROUN : rural development

Rural Development Support Program (PADER). Technical Assistance (TA) in Geomatics, Geographical Information System (GIS) and Remote Sensing (RS) in Land Occupation / Soil degradation / Agriculture / Land Management Information System (LMIS)