Our values

2D3D.GIS is a responsible and committed company. You will find below some examples of the daily decisions of the company.

  • Respect : we help our clients to make their GIS project a success in the medium and long term. We take care of their project accompanying the daily for a lasting partnership..
  • With a smile : better always starts with a smile. Any finish always better with a smile. We manage projects that are sometimes lean, the smile is not just a facilitator, it is essential to retain the pleasure of working together and the desire to achieve success.
  • Humility : we do not know everything and we move forward with our weapons. We do our best to satisfy our customers. And it works.
  • Liberty and honesty : feel free to work together, free to put it frankly, to ensure a quality relationship with our customers and efficiency in project management
  • Employee involvement :everyone is invited to share their ideas and participate in the development of the company. This is the strength of an SME and a committed and courageous choices, ensure that all company stakeholders involved in its development.
  • Transparency :2D3D.GIS works seamlessly with its customers including its financial information. We put our accounts at the Registry of the Commercial Court. Legal obligation? yes, but not always respected ...

GIS at your service

The firm is a limited liability company with a social capital of 15.240 Euros created in La Rochelle - FRANCE in August 2005 by M. Fabrice LARTIGOU. We are a consulting firm in Geomatics, Geographic Information Systems, topography, GPS and remote sensing (satellite image processing). Our consultants work on four continents (Europe, Africa, Asia and Pacific / Oceania) in foreign countries where nearly 50% of turnover (sales) of the firm is achieved. We put at your disposal our expertise around these activities : Engineering and Technical Studies in GIS, Audit and Business Consulting, GIS professional training, deliver rugged hardware and GIS / WebGIS software.

To serve the Geographical Information

We know we surround project partners recognized that we can now control much of the production chain of geographic information. We offer technological expertise and high level services:

  • The Board in monitoring your GIS project
  • Production data by field surveys (drone, GPS , mobile GIS ...)
  • The data analysis and image processing and spatial analysis
  • Development of geographical databases
  • Integrating your GIS solutions, GPS and mobile GIS , ETL and WebGIS
  • Dynamic mapping of data and the production of atlas
  • Developing specific WebGIS and mobile solutions
  • Editor of the Mapolubox cloud webmapping platform

Fabrice LARTIGOU - Founder & Director

Geographer and expert in Geomatics, Fabrice started his carreer as GIS technician at UNIMA then spent 2 years as a scientific advisor at MAE and GIS and Remote Sensing lecturer at the Faculty of islands and Oceans, University of the South Pacific (USP). In 2005 he founded 2D3D.GIS. His skills are expertise in spatial data to GIS implementation and training. SME manager and GIS consultant at International level, Fabrice specifically focuses on overseas GIS projects in Africa and Asia-Pacific.

Régis LIPPINOIS - Associate

General engineering, Régis begins at Paribas in the development of computer products for portfolio management. Creator of wealth, Regis became a pioneer in 1999 in France by creating one of the main websites Car sharing and decided to concentrate all his energy into its development and created Ecolutis firm. In 2007 he became associate at 2D3D.GIS . Regis launches in 2010 a new adventure, in the bee and apiaries protection with A roof for the bees.

Olivier DEMAEGDT - Associate

Engineer ICAM Olivier started first two years in a company specializing in stock exchange software and then joined in 2002 Rail Europe 4A subsidiary of SNCF Group. In charge of the creation of the management systems, it was also business manager of South East Asia and Oceania. In 2005 Olivier created Un bureau sur la terre to clear the market for the supply of green office. Olivier joined Ecolutis in 2006 and is now CEO of the firm. He joined 2D3D.GIS in 2012 to support the development of the company.

Viviane FOUGERIT - Secretary / Finance

Viviane is a former trainer in horticulture and agriculture. Became leader of SMEs nursery fruit and wine growing for over 15 years in the southeast of France, she accompanies the strict management of 2D3D.GIS company by his experience and pragmatic vision of the economy.

Mathieu GIRARD - GIS consultant

Environmental Engineer, specializing in eco-systems biology, Mathieu moved to GIS / WebGIS development. Today as GIS and WebGIS consultant - trainer, he is specialized in developing web mapping plateformnow on DynMAP webgis server. As GIS administrator of spatial databases (GIS / ETL / WebGIS ), Mathieu is GIS project manager and GIS / webgis consultant and trainer.

Aymeric VIAUD - GIS Consultant

ITC specialist, Aymeric is GIS - WebGIS consultant and spatial databases administrator. Web and mobile developer, Aymeric has supported since 2007 all web development (php / javascript / ajax), WebGIS opensource GeoServer, OpenLayers and especially API Google Maps and Google Earth. Aymeric is now GIS projet manager in the development of Google Maps API to our dedicated service mapolutis .

Nicolas TOUYET - GIS Engineer

With a Earth sciences, Geology and Oceanography background coupled with a combination of skills in computer science / development for Geographic sciences, Nicolas is GIS engineer. He supports geographic information processing, computer development, GIS desktop trainings and takes part in aerial data production from drones.

They trust us ...